A proven process…

We start by identifying the right real estate investment opportunities:  well-located multifamily properties that are underperforming their economic potential.  After purchase, we install our professional management system, using our team of ambitious, well-educated, and well-trained managers.  Our property managers work with the construction management team to rapidly execute the site's capital improvement plan, enabling us to increase occupancy rates and rents.  On an operational level, we motivate managers to reduce expenses without sacrificing quality. 

Plus the best employees… 

A company is only as good as the people it employs.  At PRG, we go to great lengths to recruit and hire the very best.  Our college recruitment program takes us to some of the top universities in America, where we seek our intelligent, self-motivated, tenacious people.  We go to these lengths because our site managers are executives, not caretakers. Like CEOs of small companies, they run their properties as businesses, carrying P&L responsibility.  Like business owners, they are rewarded based on the success they create. 

Because hard work counts, we promote from within whenever possible, investing in our employees and retaining valuable knowledge to feed our growth.  We can be the best because our people are the best. 

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  • Acquisition Strategy

    The PRG Real Estate portfolio consists of multifamily communities in primarily suburban locations throughout the Eastern United States.  Founded in 1985 with a geographic focus from Pennsylvania to Florida, PRG's reach has grown as far west as Texas and north to Illinois.  Our average community size exceeds 200 units. 

    We are looking for properties in above-average locations, in areas with population levels of 300,000 and up.  We will invest in properties that require minimal to major rehabilitation, depending on acquisition cost. 

    PRG deals vary in size from $5 million to $150 million.  Brokers are always protected—and when required, we will assume existing mortgages.

  • Close


  • Brokers

  • Our ability to select the right property and tap into its potential enables us to deliver returns that can outpace the market.  In addition to being selective in the properties we purchase, we are knowledgeable buyers and experts in the closing process. 

    With our reputation for quick and trouble-free closing, there will be no unpleasant surprises after spending time and effort developing the sale.  Our due diligence process is well-oiled and we bring strong financial capabilities to the table. 

    While other potential buyers commit to the deal and then must raise money or create buy-in, we can close with our own funds.  Our broker partners know that when PRG Real Estate is involved, the deal gets done efficiently and effectively, protecting their time and reputation.

  • Lenders

  • As an experienced multifamily real estate management company, our properties are run effectively, efficiently and profitably.  With an extensive list of successful investments to our credit, we enjoy an excellent relationship with the lender community. 

    This is no surprise. Our business model calls on us to increase the long-term value of your security.  We will not go into a deal unless we are convinced of the upside potential.   

    Our process begins with identifying the right real estate investment opportunities: well-located multifamily properties performing under their economic potential.  After purchase, we establish our professional management system and well-trained, entrepreneurial managers in each community. 

    These improvements allow us to increase occupancy, often at better margins.  The result is a win for our investor partners, residents and PRG Real Estate.

  • Owners

  • PRG Real Estate works directly with owners interested in divesting themselves of properties that meet our acquisition criteria, outlined above.

    We know the markets, and we understand the value of your property.  Fair and honest in our approach to negotiations, you can be assured of the highest level of professionalism from PRG.  When we make an offer, it's our best offer. 

    Because of our excellent working relationships with the primary multifamily lenders, our deals close quickly, often within 45 days of an agreement to purchase.

    Further, because our business strategy relies on increasing the value of any asset we acquire, the reputation of the community you've built will grow stronger as a result of the sale.