The PRG Story

Over 30 years ago, my partner Steven Berger and I bought a 44-unit apartment community in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We had goals for growth, but we did not fully appreciate that our first acquisition would set us on the path to a portfolio located across the southeastern United States.

Steve and I had a long history together, having first met in grade school and remaining close friends as we each went on to pursue our college and law degrees and launch our early careers. In 1985, when we decided to venture into the real estate business together, our first investments were in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Pittsburgh, and Virginia Beach. Initially we outsourced management but by 1997, we decided it was time to build our own comprehensive management platform.

Our disciplined investment approach has sustained us through multiple economic cycles, and the lessons we have learned remain forefront in our daily business decisions. We have always operated under the strong conviction that the key to our success is our passion for creating a quality living experience for our residents, and hiring and training the best people in the industry. My partner Steve passed away in 2016, but his vision remains alive in all aspects of the company. Steve believed in a number of common sense business principles that have served us well over the years. Fundamental in his beliefs were that details matter, it is always the people that make the difference, and that that you should never expect what you do not inspect. Our goal was to create a company well-positioned for the future with a plan for longevity. Steve may have said it best: that with patience, hard work, and fair dealing we will provide opportunity for our employees and build a company of which to be proud.

We welcome you to our website to learn more about our business, and our outstanding people.

Jon Goodman
PRG Co-Founder