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Management Team

  • Image of Rob Connolly

    Rob Connolly

    Fund Director of Acquisitions

    Rob Connolly is the Director of Acquisitions at PRG Real Estate. He is responsible for sourcing, identifying, and underwriting opportunistic multifamily investments in the company’s target markets across the United States. Rob is focused on sust...
  • Devon Mendez

    Marketing and Branding Manager

    Devon Mendez is the Marketing and Branding Manager at PRG Real Estate. She supports the strategic oversight of the online reputation management of PRG's property portfolio while executing marketing campaigns that optimize onsite leasing. Devon s ...
    Image of Devon Mendez
  • Image of Cedric Hendrix

    Cedric Hendrix

    Sales and Training Manager

    Mr. Hendrix, PRG's Sales and Training Manager, began his career with PRG in 2011 and has been in property management for more than 18 years. Mr. Hendrix has served in multiple on-site roles including Leasing Representative, Leasing Manager, Ass...
  • Walter Ravizee

    Floating Property Manager

    Mr. Ravizee is the Floating Property Manager for PRG Real Estate. He began his career in 2016 as a Leasing Representative at Tates Creek Village Apartments in Lexington, KY. He was quickly promoted to a Manager in Training (MIT). In 2017, Mr. ...
    Image of Walter Ravizee
  • Image of Amanda Shokere

    Amanda Shokere

    Leasing & Training Specialist

    Ms. Shokere is the Leasing & Training Specialist for PRG Real Estate. She began her career in 2018 as a Leasing Representative at Reserve at Barry and was promoted to Sr. Leasing Representative in 2021, before accepting her current role in 2022....
  • Chelsea Schell

    Project Manager

    Chelsea began her career at PRG in 2016 as a Leasing Agent at Linkhorn Bay Apartments in Virginia Beach. From 2016 to 2019, she filled in multiple on-site roles including MIT (Manager in Training) and Leasing Manager. During this time, she earne ...
    Image of Chelsea Schell
  • Image of Dana Dobrowolski

    Dana Dobrowolski

    Investment Accounting Manager

    Dana is the Investment Accounting Manager for PRG Real Estate. She began her career at PRG in 2012 as a Property Accountant, was promoted to a Senior Property Accountant in 2015, and in 2021 she received her current title as the Investment Accou...
  • Cheryl Mitchell

    Senior Property Accountant

    Cheryl Mitchell is a Senior Property Accountant for PRG Real Estate. She has been a part of PRG for 14 years and is responsible for the day-to-day accounting of the Virginia portion of our portfolio and our new development deals. Mrs. Mitchell r ...
    Image of Cheryl Mitchell
  • Image of Bill Lowe

    Bill Lowe

    Property Accountant

    Bill Lowe is a property accountant at PRG Real Estate. He has been a part of PRG for four years and is responsible for the day-to-day accounting of properties in Kentucky, Virginia, Missouri, and South Carolina. Mr. Lowe is an avid Sports fan, a...
  • Jeremy Roberts

    Property Accountant

    Jeremy Roberts is a property accountant at PRG Real Estate. He joined PRG as an intern in the summer of 2021 and was quickly offered a full-time position as a property accountant. Mr. Roberts graduated Summa Cum Laude from Penn State University ...
    Image of Jeremy Roberts
  • Image of Kareem Murphy

    Kareem Murphy

    Senior IT Systems Administrator

    Mr. Murphy started his career at PRG in April 2019. He is primarily responsible for maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of all PRG computers, servers, and virtualization. He installs and upgrades computer components and software, ...
  • Stephanie Barlow

    IT Systems Administrator

    Ms. Barlow is the IT Systems Administrator at PRG Real Estate. She began her career at PRG in 2009 as a manager in training and currently holds a dual-title of Assistant Property Manager at Linkhorn Bay and IT Analyst. As the IT analyst, she is ...
    Image of Stephanie Barlow
  • Image of Kelly Hathaway

    Kelly Hathaway

    Corporate Treasurer

    Ms. Hathaway began her career at PRG in 2009. She started in the Accounts Payable department, where she helped implement the department's initiative to go paperless. In 2021 she was promoted to Corporate Treasurer, where she oversees the daily o...
  • Valerie Ross

    Collections Administrator

    Valerie Ross is the Collections Administrator for PRG Real Estate. She has been a part of PRG for seven years and is responsible for auditing the collections files, collecting balances owed, and tracking the collections files with outside collec ...
    Image of Valerie Ross
  • Image of Nicole Knowles

    Nicole Knowles

    Accounts Payable Specialist

    Ms. Knowles is the Accounts Payable Specialist at PRG Real Estate. She began at PRG in 2018 and is responsible for reviewing and ensuring that all invoices are correctly posted for each property. Ms. Knowles also assists the properties with trou...
  • Andrew DiCamillo

    Human Resources Generalist

    Mr. DiCamillo, currently the Human Resources (HR) Generalist, with PRG began his time with the Company in the Fall of 2017. Mr. DiCamillo was initially brought on in a temporary role as the department’s HR Intern, however, by the end of this ter ...
    Image of Andrew DiCamillo
  • Image of Robert White

    Robert White

    Payroll Manager

    Mr. White is the Payroll Manager for PRG Real Estate. Mr. White is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the final payroll reports, timesheets, and spreadsheets. He supports the Human Resource Department with employee-related issues regarding...
  • Justin Cruz

    Human Resources Coordinator

    Justin Cruz is the Human Resources Coordinator at PRG Real Estate. Justin partners with our hiring managers to attract, attain, and facilitate the screening of potential new hires. He also assists with the timely and accurate processing of new h ...
    Image of Justin Cruz
  • Image of Rita Zepeda

    Rita Zepeda

    Regional Vice President (North Carolina, Virginia)

    Rita Zepeda, CPM®, CAPS, CAM, ARM®, serves as the Regional Vice President and is responsible for providing strategic leadership and overseeing all administrative, management, and fiscal operations within her assigned portfolio of properties. She...
  • Suzanne Maddie

    Regional Director (NC)

    Suzanne began her career with PRG in 2009, after studying English at the University of Hawaii. She held multiple on-site positions in PRG's Raleigh/Cary/Durham markets before accepting her current Regional Director position in 2021. Suzanne has ...
    Image of Suzanne Maddie
  • Image of Erika Johnson

    Erika Johnson

    Regional Director (Florida & Missouri)

    Mrs. Johnson, Regional Director, began her career at PRG in 2009 as a Manager-in-Training. She worked in multiple properties and roles from Assistant Property Manager to Property Manager prior to becoming Regional Director. She is an example of ...
  • Dennale DeFilippo

    Regional Director (South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia)

    Ms. DeFilippo is the Regional Director for PRG Real Estate's Virginia (Roanoke), North Carolina (Charlotte), and South Carolina Region. She has been with PRG for six years and is responsible for overseeing each of her property's operations. Her ...
    Image of Dennale DeFilippo
  • Image of Danielle Porche

    Danielle Porche

    Regional Director (Kentucky)

    Danielle began her career with PRG in 2008, after completing her Bachelor's degree at the University of Kentucky (Go Cats!). Danielle served multiple on-site positions in PRG's Louisville and Lexington markets before accepting her current Region...
  • Mickey Trautz

    Regional Director (Virginia)

    Mickey Trautz, Regional Director (Virginia), began his career in property management in 2007. Mr. Trautz graduated from Virginia Tech in 2008 and has experience in both multi-family, single-family, and commercial real estate. As a local to the ...
    Image of Mickey Trautz